Aku Seorang Anak Melayu Yang Sexy

Sha January 18, 2009 0


Self-confidence is a trait for which I lacked, especially when I was a kid.

Although I have bouts of low self-esteem at times, its not as bad when I was younger.

I trudge through my adolescent years thoroughly confused.

I’m sure many of you feel likewise, as we’re still clueless of our own identity and unsure of our ‘place’ in life.

But life has a way of educating you.

I’m still excited at the prospect of uncovering the various ‘layers’ of me still. This Uncle is still learning and loving every challenge and hurdles life has thrown at moi.

This not a ‘coming of age’ entry as I’ve not come of age as of yet dei, and never will … In my mind I will always be sweet 16 and sexy, even in my twilight years :p

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