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Sha May 30, 2010 1

Hey hey hey, anyone from Alamak Chat back in the 90’s.

I kinda stumbled upon the Alamak Chat FaceBook tribute page, and I was wondering if any of my blog readers were from there.

I was still back in ITE in the year 1997 when I started my foray in IRCing.

I didn’t have a computer nor Internet access at home, so when it was during break-time in school, the library was always crowded with young horny people like me trying to get to know chicks on IRC.

My nickname back then if I recalled was shasha or was it shababy. Yes I know corny, haha.

Some even mistaken me for a girl, and at times when I feel naughty I would pretend to be one.

Pretending to be a gurl, I’ve to say the dudes back then was as horny as me. First would be the introduction of A/S/L, then the sweet-talk, finally culminating in asking for a meet-up.

It was fun, and thinking about it is making me miss my ol’ retro IRC days. Oh what such lasting memories.

And oh yah check out Alamak Chat user photos at FaceBook. Terkekek when I saw some of the photos, as I matched the old nicknames to the real faces.

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  1. rinaz May 30, 2010 at 2:43 pm - Reply

    Is that you in the picture during your Alamakkian days?

    I wasnt much in Alamak, instead I was more in IRC. There was a channel there where I used to spend a lot of time in, but I don’t remember the name anymore -_-

    My nick used to be |rose| … always with the thorns at the side … wahahaha! So corny now that I think about it.

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