The Americans sure love their guns

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The Americans sure love their guns

Ever noticed all the news feed coming out of the States are of the same in nature – violence, war and bloodshed.

We’ve become desensitize to the frequentness of such reports, and in particular I would like to highlight massacre to suicide pacts.

This morning alone, I’ve just read a Christmas murder cum suicide in Dallas, where seven bodies still lay in the morgue to be identified.

An outsider like me would rationalize that the root of such a problem are guns. Yes there’s truth to the notion that it’s actually people who kill people, but I’d say its the gun that is their method of choice for most of these killing.

You factor that out of the equation, and I would reckon it would drastically reduce the numbers of gun related cases.

Coming from a country that outlaw any of its citizens the possession of any firearms, I would think by our track record of having the lowest crime rate anywhere in the world, we would be a fine example to model after.

Why not just ban firearms possession totally right. But it’s not that simple in the States. The Americans love their guns.

Sure you might say Singapore is a sizeable country to exercise such a ban, but for US with its socio-economically diverse population and huge size, it will be next to impossible. But then again you’ve to start from somewhere by getting off the fence and decide to take sides.

I mean what other use of a gun does other than causing harm.

The proponents of their right of firearms possession are calling it their vested right for a free society, liberty, life, property and freedom.

To me however although I agree it’s one’s right to defend themselves and their family, it’s a potential lawsuit and fcukups that’s just waiting to happen man.

The politicians there are trying to change their Bill of Rights, but there’s like 200 million Americans who oppose such a change in the Constitution. But just looking at some of their laws, I couldn’t help but observe some of it are rather outdated.

America is no longer the Wild West where the frontier once was a dangerous place to be. It’s either kill or be killed back then.

There will always be a loophole around their gun control laws and permit. It’s you’re crazy enough; you’ll find the means to obtain a firearm.

I believe not only the right law changes that is needed, but also a society change. For without it, law change is useless.

Talking about outdated laws, even Singapore is in similar situation too. The colonial draconian ISA law is still around, and we all know that’s totally not cool in terms of human rights.

The Ministry of Home Affairs Internal Security Department enforces the country’s Internal Security Act (ISA) as a counter to potential espionage, international terrorism, threats to racial and religious harmony, and subversion.

The ISA permits indefinite detention without formal charges or recourse to trial, and has been used to imprison political opponents, including Chia Thye Poh, who was held for 32 years without trial before being released.

As of 2005, 36 men were being held under the ISA.

I couldn’t help myself there. I had to add the last paragraph lah. Come GE 2016, let’s vote for the right party eh. Do check out Human Rights Watch World Report 2011: Singapore.

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