Marshall Islands

Sha January 5, 2012 0
Marshall Islands

One of my daily bookmarks is the Wikipedia website. Interestingly enough on its front page it featured an unknown country I’ve not heard of, the Marshall Islands.

Well it’s more of a cluster of island than a whole chunk of a nation. It got me piqued, so after some Goggling, Marshall Islands is actually made up of atoll and isolated islands.

I saw beautiful imageries of nature from the photos, and it looks so lepak. The kind of place reminds me of my kampong, but more secluded and chio.

The country consists of 29 atolls and 5 isolated islands

Oh I do love my kampong but compared to my Malaysian village, the murky sungai (stream) is no match to the beautiful blue ocean and rich reef life of Marshall Islands, if going by the photos I’ve seen.

I sure would like to be a noob tourist and visit it someday. Not only the Micronesian region, but the World itself.

Haiz, and here I am, still a frog under its rock who have yet to venture out. Such a loser. One day I promise.

Some beautiful Marshall Islands photos I found online

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