Sex Tape Scandal

Sha November 18, 2009 1

Sex-Tape-ScandalThere’s nothing more terrifying that finding your bedroom sex-antics to be published and uploaded online by former jilted lovers, who knows out of spite or envy perhaps.

Most of the time it’s the men who are to blame for such publications, yes we usually are morons I’ve admit that, and some guys have a tendency to share their ‘conquests’ online.

I myself can’t wrap of the idea behind this stupid competitive streak that we men have, but guys will always be guys. Luckily mine is more in the domain of sports.

I guess in the first place you shouldn’t have actually filmed it in the first place … but hey at that moment in time, you were so trusting of your partner, and you couldn’t fathom that he or she would do such an act.

I reckon all of us, yes even me, at one point in time of our lives had tried such a kinky act, mostly out of curiosity, for some it’s to ‘spice’ up their mundane love life, and for whatever reason it is, it’s not wise whenever a camcorder/cameraphone is involved.

Just take a look of the strings of sex tape scandals that has surfaced online.

It seems more and more sex tapes are popping online, and I feel like it’s the norm these days, and the shock-factor for me is dissipating at each new sex tapes revelations. Of course the frequency of such revelations doesn’t make the situation right.

Such sex tapes has destroyed lives and careers, fuel personal outrage, embarrassed them a whole lot, and the victim are usually quick at hand to respond that they were sorry, young and naive.

Well as they say, “Sorry no cure” … So before you start recording that amateur porn of yours, think twice of its implications. And you know how small is Singapore is, once it’s out there, you might as well relocate somewhere else.

P.S. For me personally there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a voyeur in your own sex routine. If both are consenting go ahead, the issue mainly lies what to do afterwards. My advise from personal experience is once you’ve recorded your home sex tape, watch it as a couple, BOOMZ if you’re both aroused, and delete the recording immediately afterwards.

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  1. NJ November 19, 2009 at 8:38 am - Reply

    Mohamad, it’s never wise to let anyone use a camera when you’re doing something which is supposed to be private. Personally, I believe that the majority of these people were well aware that there may be some chance of these tapes getting ‘out there’ in the internet ether somehow. You missed one, Kim Kardashian. Pretty obvious that she was attempting to be like a pornstar in that video – no publicity is bad publicity as they say after all.

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