One thing that makes a Louis Vuitton bag instantly recognizable is the classic patterns employed by the brand. The coated canvas is virtually indestructible and has been in production since the 1800s. It is composed of a cotton canvas treated with polyvinyl chloride. This is not found in most luxury bags and makes the Louis Vuitton bags lighter and easier to carry around. The canvas is also waterproof and scratch resistant. This makes for a great investment. Aside from durability, these bags maintain their value over time. So if for some reason you want to resale them, you will still get most of your money back or even more. How to spot the difference between an authentic and a fake Louis Vuitton It’s the tiny details often ignored that help one spot the difference between a real and a fake Louis Vuitton bag.

Here are some Louis Vuitton checking tips you can use.

1, Check the stitching. Louis Vuitton is composed of highly skilled craftsmen, who pay attention to the tiniest of details. For example, you will notice that some Louis Vuitton handbags have an exact number of stitching in an area for all bags in that category.

2, Check the stamping. This one is very vital. The lettering should be visible, thin and well detailed. There are no tiny mistakes like an oval O instead of a perfect round one or far spaced T’s instead of ones that are close to each other.

3, Check the date code. Louis Vuitton is very specific with their dating, with 2 letters indicating the location they were made and 4 letters showing the period made. Other important things to check include the hardware such as the zipper, the material, presence of the clean and leather smell of the Louis Vuitton bags and the price. All these help you do a real Louis Vuitton identification and ensure that you only get the legit one.

Which one should I go for?

Whereas other people are able to spot the difference between a replica and an authentic Louis Vuitton bag others cannot and therefore you could get a Louis Vuitton replica bag that is a mirror image of the original. If you are going for a replica then you should ensure that the craftsmanship is brilliant and the quality top notch. From the material to the stitching, everything should be almost at par with an original. All these are of course a guarantee if you buy an original. The choice lies with you.